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Peach Snaps is a Northamptonshire based music photographer and videographer

The Main Man

Meet the man behind the lens!

I am Jason Peachey. Photographer, Videographer, content creator and video / photo editor.

I'm on a mission to provide a professional yet personable experience to every one of my clients.

Spanning across 8 years, I have worked with the likes of Hollywood Undead, LOATHE, Raiders, INME (Dave Macpherson), Aurora Sun, HoneyTalks and Wishing Wolf. As well as many others.

Alongside my unmatched work ethic and determination to please, I have the skillset to produce, direct, film and edit your music visuals to the highest standard.

So why not get in touch, and book a session today?

Concert Photography

Peach Snaps is your go-to destination for music photography. I am here to capture the passion and energy of your music, whether it's in studio, on stage or on location. My goal is to provide you with a personalised, creative photography experience that goes beyond capturing a moment. With over a decade of experience in the photography industry, you can be assured that I have the skills and expertise needed to create stunning photographs that reflect your unique style and vision. Contact me today to take bold steps in your music career and create something unforgettable.



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